About Us

Proudly serving the Low Country since 1950

A Team Effort

Three Oaks has a long history of quality workmanship that translates into a business built on integrity and word of mouth. “We have a lot of repeat clients who call us back based on our past performance,” says Marshall Hills. “As a family-owned business, our reputation means more to us than anything. This is a huge advantage over our competition.”

Our clientele includes a growing list of architects and developers whose public and private projects require the skills and quality work that Three Oaks provides. Other regular clients include homebuilders and developers who rely on Three Oaks to create the look and feel of new neighborhoods, as well as high-end residential homeowners who expect the best to compliment their custom showpiece homes.

“It’s a concerted team effort. As a contractor we maintain a strong schedule and keep lines of communication open,” says Marshall Hills. “We strive to give the people we’re working for what they want, when they want it. We have a reputation for getting the job done and done right. We go the extra mile and we try to instill that ideal into our employees.”

How it all started

Three Oaks Contractors, Inc. was founded on Johns Island, SC by Marshall W. ‘Billy’ Hills Sr. in 1950. It started as a small nursery business with one man and a lone truck. With the lone truck and much hard work, an enterprise evolved into a promising family business offering a full range of landscape, hardscape and sitework services.

“My father retired years ago. We learned a lot from him and we know how to work toward a common goal,” says Marshall Hills. The family operation has found a way to put all the principals’ interests and expertise to use. Brothers Marshall, Gervais, John and James grew up in the business; Marshall studied horticulture and manages the core landscaping business; Gervais is a civil engineer and launched the sitework division; James is a mechanical engineer and is responsible for the concrete unit; and John is a business major and oversees the office.

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